“All” About Glitter

“All” About Glitter - Types, Coverage and Other Goodies!

About our Glitter
All of our glitter is polyester cosmetic grade except the chameleon chunky glitter, and that is coated over a hard PET plastic “core” to achieve the chameleon effect.
Laser has an electric look reflection, but is two-toned.
Holographic has an electric reflection but has three or more colors in the shimmer.
Iridescent is a little bit see-through but has a very pretty shimmer. Iridescent glitters often require a base coat to be painted on or else you will have to layer the glitter two or three times for a solid look.
Opal is extra shimmery and can shimmer in different colors known as “hues”. The ratio of the iridescent shimmer is higher and the reflection resembles an opal look.
Fluorescent doesn’t shimmer unless it’s iridescent as well, and gives more of a matte or pearlescent look.
The whites and how they SPARKLE!
High Flash White - real white with silver sparkles
Pearl White - Pearlescent finish - more pearlescent than sparkly
Opal Glitz - bluish/pinkish hues with greenish shimmers
Iceland Glitz - yellowish, pinkish, bluishish, purplish and greenish shimmers
Golden Opal - bluish/pink hues with golden shimmers
Violet Ice - purplish shimmers
Glitter Sizes
.002 is the smallest size we offer, and is considered more of a "dust" for use in accents or to add that extra layer of sparkle in your epoxy

.008 is considered ultra fine sized glitter
.015 is a little bigger but provides so much more sparkle, this size is considered "fine"
.030 and .040 is a middle size
Fine blend is normally a mixture of two smaller sizes, most commonly .040 and .025
Chunky is a mixture of larger sizes, most commonly .010 and .025
How Much Glitter Do I Need?
This is an often asked question. How much glitter do I need to do four 30 oz tumblers? How much glitter do I need to do twenty 20 oz tumblers? This is a difficult question to answer with extreme accuracy as there are several factors that influence how much glitter you will need per cup. Below is a list of some of the determining factors that affect how much glitter you will use/need per cup:

  1. The type of glitter you’re using (light, dark, original sparkle, iridescent, pearl, fluorescent, fine, chunky, fine mixed blend, etc)
  2. The method you’re using to apply your glitter (mod podge, spray on adhesive (loc-tite, etc), epoxy)
  3. What color the glitter you're applying is
  4. If your cup spray painted in a base color similar to the glitter color or not
  5. What size of glitter you are using
With that being said, here are some general guidelines for the above situations:
Metallics (even though they’re polyester) generally take less glitter than the iridescents or fluorescents mainly because these glitters are usually a bit darker in shade than the other types of glitter. Also, they are not as transparent, but far more opaque than the iridescents, fluorescents and pearlescents and therefore will often cover in a single glitter coat, while the lighter colors often require two coats of glitter depending on your chosen base. (for more info on bases, coverage and glitter types, see "Base Coats and Glitter")
The ultra fine (.008) glitters offer more coverage than do the larger glitter sizes simply because there is less “space between” the glitter pieces and therefore there is more coverage per application. However, chunkies can go a long way depending on how you choose to apply them - complete coverage, or as an accent over an already applied fine glitter layer.
The method you are using can also affect the amount of glitter required. Some say using the epoxy method takes more glitter, but you get full one-coat coverage so less glitter over all. Some like loc-tite and also say one-coat coverage is more common than not.
Glitter color is also a factor as the darker colors generally require fewer coats of glitter (many times a single coat is all that is needed) to achieve the same color saturation as would be found in two coats of a lighter colored glitter.
With all the above being said, the general rule of thumb is that 2 oz should more than cover fully four to five 30 oz tumblers (or maybe another one or two). If you’re doing only half of one color, and half of another, this should allow you a decent guideline to order the correct amount of glitter for your project.
Enjoy and have fun!