Retired Colors

Below please find a list of our retired colors.  We will attempt to update this list as often as necessary, but please keep in mind that this list may lag somewhat with our current retired colors list:

Alexandrite Dots - retired, replaced with Alexandrite Chunky

Aqua - retired, replaced/merged with Peacock

Azure - merged with Caribbean

Blue-Violet - retired, similar color is Muse

Blush Pink - retired, similar color is Cherry Blossom

Bubbly Blue - retired

Citron - merged with Apple Green

Confetti Dots - retired

Cosmic Explosion - retired

Crystal Dusky Rose Pink - retired

Crystal Light Blue - retired, similar colors are Golden Sky Blue or Clear Skies

Crystal Mint Green - retired

Crystal Orange Red - retired

Crystal Violet - retired

Deep Forest Green - retired, similar color to Emerald Green

Christmas Green - merged with Emerald Green

Fluorescent Coral - renamed to Pearlescent Coral (now in .015 size)

Fluorescent Hot Pink - retired

Fluorescent Iridescent Peach Pink - retired, similar color is Flamingo

Fluorescent Neon Green - retired, merged with Fluorescent Iridescent Neon Green

Fluorescent Pink - retired

Garnet - retired, merged with Candy Apple Red

Girls Night Out - retired

Glacier - similar color is Iceberg

Glitzy White - retired

Golden Yellow - merged with Sunflower

Guava - renamed to Sunburst

Ice Blue - originally called Frost (but not the Frost now on the site)

Iridescent Pink - retired

Iridescent Rainbow Pink - retired, similar color is Cherry Blossom

Iridescent Red - retired

Iridescent Sky Blue - retired, similar colors are Golden Sky Blue or Clear Skies

Laser Blood Orange - retired

Laser Blue - retired

Laser Magenta - retired, similar to Laser Plum Red

Laser Wine Red - retired

Light Gold - retired, similar color is Champagne Gold

Mulberrry - retired

Ocean Water Dots - retired

Opal Light Pink - retired

Paradise Blue - retired, merged with Peacock

Pesto - retired, merged with Autumn Yellow-Green

Poison Ivy Green - retired, similar to Emerald Green

Red Glory - retired, similar color is Red Glitz

Red Wine - retired, merged with Candy Apple Red

Rosewood - retired, similar color is Bronze Rose Gold

Sahara Gold - retired, similar replacement is Sand Gold

Seashell - retired, similar replacement is Crushed Seashell

Seawall Blue - retired, similar replacement is Harbor Blue

Sunset, all sizes - retired, similar replacement is Papaya

Sweet Pink Chunky - retired

Tinsel Me Pretty - retired

Warm Rose Gold - retired

Yellow Gold - retired