Sunday, February 1, 2015

#passthesass:: february edition

hello lovelies!

January's debut of the new give back line, #passthesass, where I sell limited edition pieces to go towards a cause, was so great! you guys helped raise $150 towards rylie's mission trip to Haiti! I hope you've been following along with her on instagram while she's over there, because her photos have been incredible. i really cannot wait to hear her stories. so excited.

the next person i want to introduce you guys to is my friend dustin. he's one of those people who i feel has his hands in literally everything awesome. he has a non profit called lightwriters.. here's the story from him:

The Lightwriters story started with me praying about ways to mentor fatherless young men.  

I grew up in a broken home with an addicted mother.  She began dating an amazing photographer and, because he saw me as free labor, he made me his photo assistant.  I carried his bags, hung his slides, swept the studio, basically whatever he wanted me to.  I had no interest photography or cameras but I was interested in the fatherly attention I received from this man.  Later he gave me my first camera, taught me how to use it and gave me my first assignment.

I truly believe that before Jesus saved my soul photography saved my life.  I had been hanging out with a crowd hell bent on prison or death and photography changed the way I looked at the world around me.  It gave me a medium to explore and an excuse to stay away from hood life.

I believe that if young people find something they can fall in love with it can point them on a path that brings life instead of death.  That might be basketball or music or the arts, in my case it was photography and I want to share that with as many under served kids as possible.  

Lightwriters partners with foster programs to provide photo mentors and cameras to kids who might connect with the medium.  The mentors meet with their kid(s) and teach them the basics.  Once the photo 101 classes are complete, we print their best images and host a gallery opening to showcase their work.  This is usually an awe inspiring and tearful night as they walk the red carpet and see their work printed for the first time.  We have hosted these gallery openings at group homes and coffee shops and plan to host our next one at the International Photography Hall of Fame in St. Louis.

We are actively looking for photographers who are willing to mentor foster children anywhere in the country.  If you have a basic knowledge of photography you can be a mentor.  The commitment is usually one hour a week for 6 - 24 weeks, depending on the organization we partner with.

100% of monies collected by donation or from the sale of the items on our website goes to purchasing cameras, creating prints, and frames for our organization.  We are 100% volunteer run.

>>>> i totally started tearing up while reading through his powerful story. there is so much beauty and redemption in what he's doing with lightwriters, and i could not be more excited to share their story with you in hopes we can raise some dollars for them, as well as get some of you awesome people involved in being an advocate or mentor. there is also so much goodness on their website, there is an awesome video about what they're doing in ethiopia, as well as here in the states. also, they are getting ready to launch a line of camera straps in about 4-6 weeks. student prints will also be available this week. (i totally snagged one and i LOVE it.) y'all have got to follow along with them! (instagram // facebook // twitter

///these bracelet designs were inspired by the "love leaks light" project the lightwriters are doing in ethiopia. as always with #passthesass products, 100% of the funds from your purchases will be sent directly to lightwriters. let's support their awesome ministry the entire month of february! xoxo. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 recap and pass the sass.

oh, hey guys.

this neglected blog has become quite a sad place! 2014 has been a busy year full of new adventures.. i had a gypsy summer and literally lived out of my suitcase from may-august. i took lots of trips- to my beloved rwanda where i got to see so many i love, my very favorite place in colorado, many trips to the texas hill country to drink tons of wine with beth at the farm house, road tripped with my besties to marfa and austin, collaborated with precious friends on projects like a blogger's meet up with molly and hosting our very first (extremely dreamy) glampout with beth, learned how to make the perfect hummus, attempted to learn how to play guitar, attended a huge "rwandan superstar" concert, took a moto up to the top of one of the beautiful rwandan hills, shot one of my very first young life girl's weddings, set up shop and became a vendor at one of the coolest craft shows ever- renegade craft fair, tons and tons of photo shoots, coffee/wine dates with friends, the formation of one of my favorite things in life.. my friend sutton started a group- where 6 of us come together every month to share a good meal and even better conversation about life and jesus. also.. one of my very favorite moments was welcoming my new niece and nephew twins into the world.

it's been such a fun year. such a full year, where lots of life was actually lived, experienced and tasted. one of my favorite things of the year was starting a little jewelry line called sass and crafts. when i was living in rwanda, God kept placing this little idea in my mind- making jewelry inspired by the places i've travelled. i started selling at a small show in april- then started having instagram sales every thursday. they've been pretty consistent since then, and i've seriously had so much fun creating new things each week.

about a month ago, i felt like God was nudging me in a new direction to take sass and crafts.. He's put it on my heart to give back to non-profits, missionaries and causes i believe in. i want this little thing i love to do to actually help others. here's where pass the sass comes in.. (thanks to my bestie sutton for the genius name) i'll be creating a piece or two specifically for that non-profit and featuring them each month.. sharing more of their story here and on instagram. i have the next few months lined out, but i would love your input with your favorite nonprofit or missionary and why you love them. you can leave it in the comments section, instagram or email me (

for the very first edition of pass the sass, i want to share my dear friend rylie with you guys.

we've been social media friends for a long time now, but i actually got to meet her at the glampout in august. i could go on and on about how incredible she is, but i think you'd get sick of reading. just walk away with this... she is a gem. absolutely precious in every way and i would steal her from the midwest in a heartbeat if i could. rylie has such a heart for missions, loving people well, and sharing jesus with all she encounters. she is headed to haiti at the end of this month, and i want to help her get there! the bracelet i am making exclusively for her will be available later in the week, but i wanted to go ahead and let you hear her heart:)

from rylie: // for serious, people, I am so excited & expectant to see what the Lord will do during my upcoming trip to Haiti! He is the Father that does abundantly above all we can ask or imagine, & this opportunity is no exception. while in Haiti, my team & I will be loving on children in a local orphanage & helping run a medical clinic. understanding that poverty alleviation will only truly happen from the inside out, we are all about supporting the local Haitians & the work the Lord is already doing in their midst! we are thrilled He lets us join Him on His mission... He's such a good Daddy!

her exclusive sass and crafts bracelet will be available SOON! be sure to follow my instagram: @sassandcrafts for more updates of their launch. also- she's got super cute "sent' necklaces available for pre-sale on her instagram to help fund her trip. i can't wait to get mine!! let's get this girl to haiti!!!

here's to a new year full of fresh starts, growth, new ideas and lots of adventures. can't wait to see what 2015 brings.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

pink tumbleweed + sass & crafts

hey there!

{pink tumbleweed} black and white striped sweater & grey hat// {sass and crafts} seaglass & gold tassel necklace

i'm interrupting this loooong blog break to announce something i'm over the moon about. i might have mentioned my bestie's boutique, pink tumbleweed before. her store is not only ridiculously cute, she also carries the cutest clothes ever. (not to mention, she posts her new stuff every single friday. it's hard to stay away, believe me.) we decided to team up and style my jewelry + her cute clothes together, and i have to say- they compliment each other well.

{pink tumbleweed} cobalt lace sleeved shirt // {sass & crafts} necklace

totally digging this combo of cobalt + kelly green. 

mix & matched our bracelets together.. {sass & crafts} blue + black & white bracelet, purple + ivory bracelet with hong kong coin {pink tumbleweed} silver or gold bracelets

{pink tumbleweed} cobalt bracelet + gold bracelet // {sass & crafts} grey + black & magenta bracelet with green tassel

here's the rest of the sass and crafts stock available at pink tumbleweed... 

if you're in the midland area, be sure to stop by the store! or head on over to her facebook or instagram to see more awesome clothes. she ships anywhere, so you can purchase online or buy over the phone if you find something you can't live without:)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

sass & crafts jewelry line

this little adventure is something i have been dreaming up since i lived in rwanda, and is just now starting to play out. i suppose i needed to get settled and gather the inspiration for it. my eyes had witnessed so many new things. new textures, color combinations, new ways of doing things.. it's kind of lame to say every adventure was an inspiration to me, cause it was much bigger than that. this jewelry line is the result of that inspiration. i will gladly stay up till 2am creating because it's also breathing life into me. (although, i really should stop watching law and order on netflix the whole time- right before i go to bed is no bueno.) 

i had a little booth in a local show a few weeks ago, and everything about it was so much fun. is it strange to say this has made me come alive a little? i obviously love to create things, but it's so fulfilling when people get excited with you and talk about the perfect outfit they have to go with the necklace they just got from you. it's so fun. i'm going to start having sales every thursday night at 8CST on instagram (@sassandcrafts) with brand new items, and i hope you'll join me there. i'm having a little giveaway to get things started- be sure to follow @sassandcrafts on instagram. if you share & tag the photo, you'll be entered to win an arrowhead necklace! it's the perfect staple to go with literally everything. if you're not into waiting, you can see some of my other designs in the shop

Thursday, May 1, 2014

hello, may.

drinking my mom's homemade peach margaritas. okay, it happened once but doesn't mean i don't dream about them all the time.
appreciating the last few days and how cool they've been! i just want to be outside all day.
watching videos my nephew and I made the other day in photo booth.
laughing at said videos cause we are just hilarious, guys.
eating homemade granola. 
dreaming about the summer! 

waiting. just simply waiting. and having a hard time being patient if we're being honest.
planning a little something something for the bestie's birthday. 
sleeping late. oops.
brainstorming for a blogger party molly and I are hosting soon:)
wearing shorts like it's my job. floral. lace. nike. love them all.
making jewelry like a crazy person. it will be in a show this weekend, then i'll stick the rest in my shop!
remembering this time last year.. easter was spent at an indian restaurant, then we went to tanzania. sidenote: jealous of last year's alison.
feeling inspired by Rachel's weavings.
getting excited to finish my birthday list! except.. sadly, i won't get to mark some off. #indiawasimpractical
loving lunches with sweet friends where you laugh your head off.
listening to bethel music. 
reading through some of my pepa's cards for his 90th birthday, and they were pretty precious!
enjoying wine nights with the besties.
thankful for close friends in my life this season.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

hello, april.

drinking coffee out of my cute new texas mug. i'll show you a picture soon, don't worry. 

appreciating road trips and the inspiration they bring.
watching stuff on my laptop because i got rid of my tv last month. (not missing it at all.) 

laughing at the fact that we went rollerskating last night. i busted. you're welcome. 
eating green chili hummus. i mean. one thousand times, yes. 
dreaming about the glampout. pretty much constantly. have you signed up yet? 

waiting is not my jam. but it's the story of my life right now.
planning is also not my jam. 
sleeping is always easier in the morning than at night. 
brainstorming new blog topics. geek, huh? 
wearing tassel necklaces on the daily. and maxi skirts are making a comeback in my wardrobe. #notjustforafrica
making some purging efforts. 

remembering to oil pull most days.
feeling excited for the new inspiration that comes with a new season.
getting the farmhouse ready for some guests next week:) 
loving the old dresser i recently updated.
listening sufjan steven's casimir pulaski day on repeat. and then i proceed to cry every time because it's so sad and perfectly beautiful. 
enjoying taxes. april fools. 

thankful for the friends in my life who speak life to me. and get mad at me for my self deprecating humor. you know who you are. :) 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Today is 41 Day!

Hi friends! Today I wanted to share a little with you about No.41. Maybe you caught that I said I lived in Rwanda last year, and No.41 is why. It's a sewing school, founded by my friend Tara. We took girls (in their early 20's) from the orphanage and local village and taught them the culturally relevant trade of sewing. They make bags, we call our Signature Bags- and now they've expanded into making aprons and Christmas stockings, with some other exciting things in the works:) The profits from their sales go back to them, and also fund a feeding program in our local village. I wrote more about it here, but honestly couldn't process it though words last year, but those are some of the photos I took the day our program started. We thought we would be feeding 250 kids when the whole thing was just starting out- but it kept growing. The day of feeding- it became 870 kids. Today, we're at over 1,100 children who are getting a hot, healthy lunch. (And let me say, it's pretty delicious too. One of our sweet cooks makes sure we eat as well!) 

Today, 41 day is about fasting for the 1,100 children in Rwanda who are eating and would have otherwise gone without. I'm not sure that's even something we can fathom here in the states. Today is about praying (if you're the praying type) for Him to turn our fishes and loaves into full bellies for another year. (And then some..!) 

I know not everyone can GO right now. (Believe me, I'm tying this through tears of the fact that I'm not there right now.) But there are so many ways you can get involved. 

Donate the price of lunch you'd be having today. (25 cents feeds one meal. Yes, really. Skip your $10 lunch and feed 40 meals! Or "take your coworkers out" and donate the price you'd be paying for that meal.) 

Purchase a bag or apron. Our feed bags feed 240 meals, which is the price to feed a student for an entire year, and also provides a sustainable wage for our sweet ladies

Sponsor a child for a year. $60 covers one student eating a hot, healthy lunch for one full year. 

Contact for more information on how you can be a campus rep or hold a trunk show. And of course, feel free to email me if you have any other questions at all! (  

Let's feed some kids today!!! 

Monday, March 17, 2014


a few friends and i started the bible study, freeway and we are about halfway through it. here's a little bit more info about it.. if i'm being honest- it's totally been kicking my butt. in a scary way. things have been brought up from the past that i need to deal with and truly get free of- and it's been hard, but it is so.. exciting. i'm ready for the change and weight to be free and gone, and so pumped to see where He's taking me. i am also thankful i have these sweet friends to walk through it with. i'll share another review at the end, and i won't be so vague. but if you're looking for a study to do with your friends, this is it.

just a few of the group! love these girls. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

the beloved society

oh, my.

have i even told yall about the goodness of the beloved society? my friend beth and i started it at the very end of january, and it's been such a fun adventure already and i would love it if you would follow along over there!

we just announced our royal daughter's glampout that will be happening in august, and we are beyond excited about it. we will be glamping in tipis, tents, campers.. whatever you want to bring! bring a group of friends and head to fredericksburg, tx to hang out for a weekend filled with digging into the word together, worship, new friends, yummy food, good wine, campfires and s'mores. it's going to be crazy beautiful, friends. and i can't wait to see y'all there! 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014